Best Static Caravan & Lodge Manufacturers 2024

Based on our experience, we review our favourite manufacturers...
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Are you considering investing in your own static caravan or luxury lodge – somewhere to escape and enjoy peace & tranquillity whenever you please?

Here at Madryn Castle Holiday Park, we understand the importance of selecting a holiday home that offers luxury, style and reliability – as well as affordability.

That’s why using our many decades worth of experience, we’ve carefully chosen to partner with top-tier manufacturers and trustworthy caravan dealerships, renowned for their exceptional quality and customer service, and who match our values & level of expertise. 

Let’s explore which manufacturers, for us, stand out in the industry…

Quick disclaimer – none of these manufacturers have incentivised us in any way to write this article. All opinions expressed are entirely our own, based on our personal experiences dealing with the many different manufacturers in our industry.  

Holiday homes are an evolution of what we used to call static caravans. They are spacious and luxurious self-contained retreats, packed full of comfort and style, created using the latest innovations for our modern customers’ growing holiday needs. 

Nowadays you’ll find a wide range of luxury features like electric fireplaces, USB sockets, walk-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms as standard, with the latest models designed to make your holiday home the envy of your holiday park neighbours.

If you’ve found the perfect pitch on your perfect holiday park, now’s the time to choose your perfect holiday home.


Holiday Home Static Caravans

The Willerby Castleton with its unique side-opening lounge doors

Willerby Ltd –

Crafting memories with timeless elegance, Willerby Ltd, with a history dating back to 1946, stands as a beacon of excellence in the holiday home industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each static caravan and lodge they produce exudes timeless elegance and comfort.

We’re proud to offer Willerby homes, knowing that our customers will be delighted by the meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship – and recently their introduction of Willerby’s GreEN rating as standard across all models, creating a more sustainable, thermally efficient & robust holiday home. 

What We LoveThe Willerby Castleton, a premium holiday home with a unique side-profile lounge, stylish and finished to a great spec, very popular on our pitches with stunning panoramic side-facing views. Willerby Brookwood, a more modern & contemporary feel throughout, with a unique layout and offering great value. 

Brand New Willerby Castleton £54,995click for more info

Brand New Willerby Brookwood £47,995click for more info


The stylish Swift Bordeaux ticks all the boxes

Swift Group Ltd –

Where comfort & style meets convenience & great value, Swift Group Ltd is synonymous with excellence, consistently delivering holiday homes that prioritize modern style, comfort and convenience.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of their static caravans and lodges. By choosing Swift Group as one of our manufacturing partners, we ensure that our customers receive not only luxurious interiors but also practical features designed to enhance their holiday experience.

What We Love – The Swift Bordeaux is a real box-ticker and has been one of the most popular and reliable holiday homes on the market for a while – favouring sleek and glamourous interiors packed full of clever storage solutions. The Swift Brenin, a custom-designed model exclusively produced for Salop Leisure, based off the Swift Ardennes with a Scandinavian theme. It incorporates some of the most appealing features and upgrades of the Ardennes, and includes them as standard, making this an excellent value, bright & spacious, hardwearing holiday home.

Brand New Swift Bordeaux £54,995Click for more info

Brand New Swift Brenin £62,000Click for more info


The ABI Ambleside provides a luxurious & homely feel

ABI Holiday Homes –

Unparalleled quality and opulent interiors, ABI Holiday Homes is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each of their holiday homes exudes unparalleled quality and style, making them a top choice for discerning holidaymakers.

With their official slogan being, “Because the little things matter” we couldn’t be more aligned with ABI’s focus on detail and core values when building exceptional holiday homes.

What We Love – The ABI Ambleside is a truly premium holiday home and very popular with upgrades by our veteran-owners, particularly the 14ft wide model which bridges the gap between a static caravan and a more spacious luxury lodge. 


The unique style of the Atlas Status with its angled kitchen and round dining table

Atlas Leisure Homes –

Setting a high standard for quality with over 35 years of experience, Atlas Leisure Homes has earned its reputation as a leading holiday home manufacturer.

The masters of open-plan design, their commitment to solid craftsmanship coupled with bold innovative design ensures that every static caravan and lodge meets the highest standards of excellence.

Atlas Leisure Homes provide our customers here at Madryn Castle Holiday Park, with access to a diverse range & style of high-quality accommodation options.

What We Love – The Atlas Chorus is a particularly popular model and has been for a long time, with its clever tech features and stylish open-plan layout accentuated by a light wood finish, it’s bright, modern and minimalistic making it hard not to love. The Atlas Status in contrast features a bold and unusual design, which customers either love or hate, but for those who love it there is nothing else quite like it.


The Carnaby Glenmoore Lodge offers a unique cottage feel to your holidays

Carnaby Caravans –

Intrinsic quality, unparalleled comfort and thoughtful design are what Carnaby Caravans are celebrated for. Their range of caravans boasts modern amenities and stylish interiors, catering to the opulent tastes of today’s discerning holidaymakers.

With Carnaby, you can expect a holiday home that combines comfort with cutting-edge design and a homely feel, ensuring a memorable and luxurious experience for all.

What We Love – The Carnaby Oakdale can be chosen as either a normal front-facing or the more unique centre-lounge version. It utilises a well-loved, tried and tested formula and continues to be one of the most popular models in the range. The Carnaby Glenmoore Lodge is another of our favourites, offering a unique modern cottage feel to holiday breaks in this updated Carnaby Classic.


Holiday Home Lodges

Holiday Lodges or Chalets, are simply a twin caravan unit, assembled from two halves onsite and offering owners plenty of additional space for enhanced luxury and premium levels of holiday living. 

The additional space allows for more generously sized and proportioned living spaces and bedrooms, as well as features such as porches and utility entrance rooms, full sized baths and breakfast bars in the kitchen.  

Generally, most manufacturers offer both options – single unit static caravans and twin unit lodges, so the manufacturers above are a great place to start.

Some of our favourite models are the ABI Kielder, the Willerby Pinehurst and Swift Edmonton.


Bespoke Havana Lodge designed and created to make the best of its elevated position with panoramic 360 views

What about Bespoke?  

A recent trend towards ‘bespoke’ lodges has been gaining popularity, with a number of younger manufacturers now catering exclusively to those wanting to design and create a their holiday home from scratch.

Some of the bigger and more established manufacturers also offer a bespoke service, such as Willerby. However, this generally means customisable, i.e. offering a limited choice of interior styles & palettes, fixtures & fittings, though you can (and we have) also adapt the floorplan to accommodate for natural elements such as distinct views or the position of the sun at certain times of day. 

First half of the specially adapted OMAR Arden being delivered for one of our owners

OMAR Group –

One of the pioneering manufacturers in the Holiday Lodge space is the Omar Group, whose predominant focus is on creating stunning custom-built lodges at the highest standards.

Omar Lodges seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology into elegant and sophisticated designs, and whether you envision a modern retreat or a traditional getaway, Omar Group can turn your dream into reality.

Encompassing six different businesses, they also offer single unit statics under sub-brand, Regal Leisure Homes.  

What We Love – one of our long-term owners recently upgraded from a single unit to a twin 16ft wide Omar Arden. This is a brilliant option for our park as it allows for easy delivery of a widened static in two halves, which can be sited on a single unit pitch.


Mimosa holiday lodge
The bespoke Mimosa Lodge by Aspire Park & Leisure Homes, with its unique roof-top terrace

Aspire Park & Leisure Homes –

We’ve been lucky to work with some of the best in the business when designing & creating our own fully bespoke holiday lodges, to site on our most premium pitches.

Aspire Park & Leisure Homes, based fairly locally in Porthmadog, are one of our favourite manufacturers to work with. They offer a true ‘bespoke’ service, where almost anything is possible. Built of exceptional quality and comprising stunning designs, all their lodges are perfectly unique. 

What We Love – our exclusive rental accommodation, the Pritchard Lodge is a customised version of the Aspire Oslo and has served us and our holiday guests exceptionally well. We also worked with Aspire to create our own bespoke Mimosa Lodge, using the Aspire Geneva model and adding an innovative roof-top sun terrace. 


Salop Leisure’s showground in Shrewsbury

Your Purchasing Experience Matters

We understand that the purchasing experience is just as important as the product itself. Whilst we often deal directly with manufacturers, there are a number of additional benefits to working with holiday home dealerships.

That’s why, to ensure quality and customer satisfaction, we’ve carefully chosen to partner with well-established & reputable holiday home dealerships such as Salop Leisure and Lloyd’s Caravans.

These top-tier establishments share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our customers have access to a wide selection of high-end holiday homes and competitive pricing, as well as providing an important additional layer of protection and accountability for the products and services offered by the various manufacturers. 

Your Dream Holiday Home Awaits

When it comes to investing in your own static caravan, choosing the right manufacturer is paramount.

At Madryn Castle Holiday Park, we take pride in offering our customers access to the finest holiday homes from industry-leading manufacturers.

With a focus on luxury, reliability, and exceptional customer service, we’re confident that your dream holiday home awaits with us.

Visit us today and let us help you find the perfect retreat to call your own.

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