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No Beach huts for the summer!

May 3, 2018

During the winter, Storm Emma washed away tonnes of sand from Llanbedrog beach reducing the height of the beach by about 2ft and uncovering the site of what appeared to be an old rubbish tip.

The National trust has been working hard to remove up to 600 tonnes of rubbish (mixed in with sand) from the beach by machinery and a further 10 tonnes by hand.

As a precaution, the National trust is still advising that people do not walk barefoot on the beach or allow children to play and dig in the sand.

Unfortunately, the level of sand is still too low to safely reposition the beach huts on the shore. The sand isn’t being replenished by the tides to safely site the beach huts, as such high tides are likely to flood the beach huts. The National trust have therefore concluded that due to this reason it is too risky to reposition the beach huts this season.